Embark on a Dark Journey

Become ReSetna, a female automata in a post-apocalyptic robotic world. Experience a unique metroidvania journey that blends fresh ideas with genre’s tradition.


Launching in Q4/2024


The Game

Resetna is an atmospheric metroidvania set in the murky world of a mechanical dystopia.

After the fall of a grandiose robotic civilization, a lone female automata is awakened with only one instruction:

”Find Her.”

What begins as a desperate search for answers soon becomes a fight for survival.

Moreover, a quest to find the meaning and perhaps even the salvation for the crippled world of metal and plastic.


dynamic and challenging combat

interesting environments with rich lore


2D perspective, 3D characters and assets

Early Development Footage

Early Development Footage

What you're seeing is a work-in-progress and will greatly evolve before release.

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About metroidvania games

Ever since Nintendo introduced us to the adventures of Samus Aran, Metroidvania games have embodied the landmark of the gaming medium. Featuring rich worlds with profound lore, these works of art have encapsulated everything we love about video games.

The story is always the same. A lonely hero or heroine takes on the quest of conquering a strange realm. As time passes, new abilities open new paths, and grandiose enemies emerge from the shadows. What started as a world of mystery becomes one’s own kingdom.

Yet, each title in Metroidvania games is unique. Every game stays in the player’s memory as a special adventure. We hope Resetna’s tale will do the same, leaving a mark on your gamer life.

About metroidvania games